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The Late Show

‘The Late Show’ Cancels Week of Shows as Stephen Colbert Recovers From COVID-19

The Late Show is coming out of CBS’ rotation at least until next week as host Stephen Colbert recovers from a COVID-19 diagnosis. The comedian and late night host on Wednesday shared the news that he would be out and unable to tape for the remainder of the week, via X, the platform formerly known […]

Late Night Hosts Celebrate Trump’s Indictment: “Historic and It’s Funny”

The news that a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict former President Donald Trump broke shortly before many of the late night shows taped their Thursday night episodes, but most of the hosts were still able to get in a few jokes at Trump’s expense. The indictment came after a grand jury investigation into six-figure […]

Jon Stewart Says Censorship Not the Way to End Antisemitism After Chappelle, Kanye Scandals

Jon Stewart weighed in on the antisemitism debate surrounding Dave Chappelle, Kanye “Ye” West and Kyrie Irving during a guest appearance on CBS’ The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night. Giving one of his characteristically nuanced-yet-contrarian takes, Stewart earnestly told his former Daily Show colleague that he doesn’t “believe censorship and penalties are […]

Stephen Colbert Goes Live After Biden’s Speech, Says President’s Pared Down Audience Was “More Than Watched the Oscars”

The late night host referenced Biden's fist bumps and "impassioned" delivery that made some "great points," joking that not everyone was enthralled — "Ted Cruz started nodding off."

Anthony Mackie Shares Serendipitous Captain America Encounter: “It’s Really Humbling”

The actor noted his kids are impressed with his recent hero title change, but the rest of his family and friends have done a good job keeping him grounded with jokes.

Late Night Hosts Celebrate Daniel Kaluuya’s Awkward Oscars Sex Joke

Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon on their shows Monday night homed in on the 'Judas and the Black Messiah' Oscar winner's quip about his parents while his mom was in the audience.

Stephen Colbert Presses Taylor Swift to Reveal Who “Hey Stephen” Is About

The singer appeared on 'The Late Show' on Tuesday, where she startled the late night host with her fandom.

John Cena Jokes About the Difficulty of Sharing a Birthday With John Oliver

"Do you know what it is like living in someone's shadow?" asked the wrestler-actor.

Ken Burns Succinctly Explains Why America Will Recover From Current Dark Period

"It doesn't feel like our road is rising now. But, in order for a road to rise, there have to be some dips," says the iconic documentary filmmaker.

Sharon Stone Says Martin Scorsese and Paul Verhoeven Gave Her the Best Advice of Her Acting Career

The actress appeared on 'The Late Show' on Wednesday, where she explained to host Stephen Colbert that these directors understand what actors need to thrive on set.

Stephen Colbert Rages Over Gun Control Inaction After Boulder Massacre

"This story is unspeakably tragic, and I cannot for one moment imagine the grief of these families and community can be approached with words alone," the late night host says.

Jared Leto Calls ‘Justice League’ Joker an “Evolution” of ‘Suicide Squad’ Character

During an appearance on 'A Late Show' on Thursday night, the actor talked about returning to play the iconic DC villain.